the_author_link() displays author name with hyperlink. I only want authors link to display and not authors name with hyperlink. how i suppose to do that?. thanks

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You may consider using this function :


You can see here the implementation of the function get_the_author_link() and you will see how they construct the link with name.


If you want to print the URL of author, you can try this.

$authorLink = get_author_link();                
echo $authorLink;

Hope this will help.


Updated on 1st Nov,2017.

In my above solution, get_author_link() is deprecated for latest version of Wordpress.

You can get the any details of users by get_the_author_meta() method. In this function you need to pass the meta_key which you want to get.

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    this function is now deprecated in current WordPress version.
    – mmm
    Oct 28, 2017 at 8:10

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