I have account funds table in wordpress database. Structure like this;

Id           user_id         fund_user        type_operation
1             1379               100              admin_op
2             1565               500              admin_op
3             1379              -50               pay
4             1379               200              admin_op
5             1616              -150              pay

And in my Wordpress page, I want to display the following:

Loggedin user's only admin_op in type_operation, GET TOTAL only positive fund_user values.

I have this;

global $wpdb; 
$result_good = $wpdb->get_results("Select sum(fund_user) as good_points from wp_ywf_user_fund_log where type_operation='admin_op'");

        $haha= "Total Points for Good =".$result_good['good_points'];
        echo $haha;
        return $haha;

but that result none and i cant edit that for my specific query.

How can i get and echo in that table, for current user, specific type_operation's Total of fund_user's value?
Thanks for all replies.


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If it's no extricly neccesary perform an operation in a sql statement I would prefere perfom it over an Array of admin_op data, like : op_sum = get_results( Select fund_user FROM table WHERE type_operation = admin_op ); then var = array_sum(op_sum);

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