I'm trying to display a table of results for particular users who have submitted answers to quizzes. The problem is that the mysql database I am working with has a funky value for the user's ID.

I'm working off of the plugin WP Simple Survey, which allows the admin to create a number of surveys and weight answers with "points." The only data table that has a unique value for the user's id is "submitter_id," but the format is not the regular WP user id expressed as a number. Instead it looks like this:


I need a way to translate this to a typical user_id or user_login in the wp_users table so I can make a plugin that will display users' total scores.

UPDATE: From the suggestion below, it appears the submitter_id is being created by the uniqid function in PHP. Apparently, it's a unique string that reflects the current time.

So... the only thing to do now (I think) is to create a variable based on a mysql query that will retrieve the current logged in user's id and set that to the 'submitter_id.'

  • Take a look at the survey plugin's code, find where the submitter_id is generated and reverse that in your own plugin. May 27, 2012 at 19:35

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The plugin now works as I would like, with a little alteration. Instead of setting submitter_id to a random value, it is now set to the logged in user's id. This will allow displaying other users' answers. The + indicates new lines of code in the output_quiz.php file:

function wpss_getQuiz($quiz_id){
  global $wpdb;    
 + global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo();

<input type="hidden" name="quiz_id" value="'.$quiz['id'].'" />  
      +  <input type="hidden" name="submitter_id" value="'.$current_user->ID.'" />';

Thanks to Johannes Pille for the suggestion.

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