I have this CPT that has this permalink


and this other page


And going to http://example.com/area-cliente/colecciones/basicos/ redirects me to http://example.com/basicos/ for some weird reason, can anyone help me?

EDIT1: By the way i have "'has_archive' => false," in cpt code in functions.php

EDIT2: As a test i changed the slug for http://example.com/basicos/ to http://example.com/basicos-2/ to test what happened and now http://example.com/area-cliente/colecciones/basicos/ does not redirect to nothing but a 404 page, and the cpt page is published and public


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Go to WordPress Settings, and re-save permalinks.

  • aleardy did that, doesn't work for me, but thanks :) Aug 16, 2019 at 6:59
  • I think i solved it by myself, it was my error for doing some weird thing like putting %category% in the slug of the cpt configuration on functions.php :) Aug 16, 2019 at 7:38

Okay i think i solved it for myself, i still have a problem but is unrelated to this question so i might make a new question for that one.

The problem was that what i had registered as the slug for the CPT was "area-cliente/%category%" when i removed the "/%category%" and added the %category% thing in the permalink menu whit the plugin "Custom Post Type Permalinks" it now works, it solves this question but leaves me whit another problem.

TL;DR: don't put in the slug of a CPT %category% because it appears to not work

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