Does rename of page slugs create 301 redirects from old slug to new (same as for posts)?

Starting a fresh install of wp wordpress:4.9.4-php7.1 I'm trying to get automatic redirects for renamed page permalinks working.

  1. Creating a page with permalink /a
  2. Rename that page permalink to /b
  3. I expect GET /a to return a 301 redirect to /b

Creating a post with slug a and then renaming it to b creates a 301 redirect from a to b and a row in the wp-postmeta table with meta_key=_wp_old_slug and meta_value with the old slug. Is this supposed to work for pages as well? I think I've had a setup where this works before but now I'm not sure anymore. Is there a default redirect system like this that would also work when changing parents of a page?

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Pages are, from the underlying engine's point of view, posts with a post_type of page. So you should ideally see the same redirects.

However, you may find a plugin like Redirection solves your issue more completely.

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