I am migrating from a single wordpress site to a multisite wordpress instance. I migrated my users by copying from the table wp_user and wp_usermeta into my new multisite wordpress instance. The problem now is that all the users are only shown in the root site and I want it to be in the subsite not the root site. How do I move all the users to the other site?


Let's assume that your prefix is wp_, your blog ID of your main site is 1, and the blog ID of your sub-site is 2.

In the wp_usermeta table all rows with a meta_key starting with wp_ (and not any number after it) are applied to the main site. To make them apply to the subsite, they need to start with wp_2_ instead. This will give the users roles in the site with blog ID 2.

You may also need to take the row from the wp_options table of the original single site, that has an option_name equal to wp_user_roles and put it in the table wp_2_options of the multisite, but also change the option name to wp_2_user_roles. This will move the available roles to the site with blog ID 2.

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