I have a custom post type and a page where those are shown. I have been asked to make different pages and distribute those already created custom post types but I'm scratching my head a bit about how to achieve that.

The "easy way" would be to create 6 different custom post types, 1 for each new page and re-create the posts which would be a pain. Is there a way to use the already created custom post types and assign them to different pages? Maybe with a category or a custom field?

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Assign each one a category or a tag (or, even better, a custom taxonomy) and then for each page create a page template and do a custom query that loads only those posts with that particular tax.

Hope that helps

  • Thank you, I went the taxonomy way, I felt like the right way.
    – Sergi
    Feb 21, 2018 at 11:29

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