I've been trying to edit a footer.php file for the Wordpress eCommerce theme called SornaCommerce. There is a text that says "Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: SornaCommerce by eDataStyle.". Instead of that I want to add some links and widgets.

The footer.php text says the following


* Hook - sornacommerce_site_footer_block.
* @hooked sornacommerce_site_footer_block - 10

That's the part I think makes the footer (when I remove it the footer is removed). How can I insert my own links and stuff? Thanks in advance guys

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The original theme url here ( https://wordpress.org/themes/sornacommerce/ )

The theme working by using WordPress hooks

You can update this file: sornacommerce\inc\theme-hooks.php on line 438 to 497

Otherwise remove the function on the hook like bellow:

remove_action( 'sornacommerce_site_footer_block', 'sornacommerce_site_footer_block' );

Then add new function to the same hook like bellow:

function wpse291732_footer() {
// your function
add_action("sornacommerce_site_footer_block", "wpse291732_footer");

Hope that will be okay !


That's an action you can hook into, see also the Action reference.

To add your own code that gets executed when this action is called, use add_action, like so:

function wpse291732_footer() {
print '<a href="http://example.com/">Go to example.com!</a>';
add_action("sornacommerce_site_footer_block", "wpse291732_footer");

add_action also supports passing it a priority as the third parameter (default: 10) that determines the order of execution (lower priority gets executed first).

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