I'm currently building a WordPress theme where my page consists of widgets. One widget is a part of the page. I'd like to be able to use anchor links with them, and to do this, I would like to output the widget's title as an ID of the widget.

I know the widget has and ID already but it results in ugly anchor links - the anchor link would be url.com/#text-2. I would like it to be url.com/#about.

In the source code, this is the default HTML output:

<div id="text-2" class="widget-container widget_text">

This is the HTML output I aim for:

<div id="text-2 about" class="widget-container widget_text">

How do I achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


It seems an HTML element can't have two ID's.

Is it possible to instead add an <a> element within the widget's widget-title where the ID of the <a> is the widget's title?

So the HTML output looks like this: <h2 class="widget-title"><a id="about">About</a></h2>

  • a html element cannot have 2 id's - an ID is a unique identifier. You would have to create a new widget, give it the ID you want. I had to do this on a project I did recently, just recreated the widget I needed and changed the id and name to match my project Oct 15, 2015 at 12:52
  • Okay, I see. Thank you for clarifying that. I could achieve the same thing by adding a <a> element to the widget-title, so I edited my question.
    – Erika
    Oct 15, 2015 at 13:05

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Yes you can add an around the title of the widget, you do this in the register_sidebar code which you would put in your functions.php

add_action( 'widgets_init', 'theme_register_sidebars' );
function theme_register_sidebars() {
   'id' => 'mysidebar-sidebar',
   'name' => __( 'My Sidebar', 'themename' ),
   'description' => __( 'Widgets for my sidebar', 'themename' ),
   'before_widget' => '<div class="widget">',
   'after_widget' => '</div>',
   'before_title' => '<h2 class="widget-title"><a id="about">',
   'after_title' => '</a></h2>'

You create the new "widget area" or sidebar which you then put in actual widget in.

jQuery Version (not tested):

 $( '#id h2.widget-title').wrapInner( "<a id="about"></a>" );

You would then add the jQuery either to a JS file and Enqueue it or put it into wp_footer using the filter of the same name (link)

  • Thanks, but I would prefer to use the same sidebar for all my widgets.
    – Erika
    Oct 15, 2015 at 13:20
  • You would then need to either, add the <a> using jQuery or php (using preg_replace). I will add a jQuery solution to my post. Oct 15, 2015 at 13:22
  • That sounds great!
    – Erika
    Oct 15, 2015 at 13:23
  • The jQuery code works! The perfect solution would be not having to add that code for each widget but it sure is a lot more flexible than adding a sidebar for each widget. Thank you! :)
    – Erika
    Oct 15, 2015 at 13:42
  • my pleasure, glad I could help :) Oct 15, 2015 at 13:45

I was searching for a simplier way and I turned around by just adding a <span id="youranchornametag">First words/text of the element</span> Now you call it from where ever you like http://.../#youranchornametag.

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