I have 2 menus.

  1. Main Navigation
  2. Footer Navigation

And 3 locations:

  1. Top Bar Navigation
  2. Main Navigation
  3. Footer Navigation

If I try to create a new menu, wp displays error

A name is required for this term.

Obviously I am giving a name in Menu Name textbox... Is this a bug?
Is there a limit to WP menus?
How can I go about adding another menu to use on an existing page as submenu within the page itself?

Do I need to add:

function register_shop_submenu() {
  register_nav_menu('shop-submenu',__( 'Shop Sub Menu' ));
add_action( 'init', 'register_shop_submenu' );

to functions.php?
Is that it??
The admin button option exists in vain??

The code above just added a new location.
While Manage Locations tab on admin panel now displays:

Your theme supports 4 menus. Select which menu appears in each location.

Clicking the use new menu next to the drop-down of this new location yields same error....

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I got the same issue and found that the plugin user-activity-log was at the origin of the problem.

As I reported here,the problem is related to the hooks:

  • ual_shook_created_term
  • ual_shook_edited_term
  • ual_shook_delete_term

They return nothing instead of the given term when the taxonomy is ‘nav_menu’.

If you don't use this plugin, check the others plugins that call for example the pre_insert_term filter. They should return something.


In my case, it was related to qTranslateX plugin. Just select default language in your Admin Panel, it would save normally. If you will select non-default - you will get same error 'A name is required for this term.'

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