I'm currently using Bitnami WordPress on Mac OS, to develop locally my new website, before uploading to the live server.

I'd like to copy the work-in-progress WP website from one Mac to another. I thought that it was simple as copying the WordPress folder found in Applications, but it doesn't work.

How should I proceed to copy the entire WP website from one Mac to the other?

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You can transfer the theme by going in the main WordPress folder /wp-content/themes/your theme. Copy that to the same location on the other Mac.

Now you'd have to export the database​or create another one on the other Mac and export all the files using the WordPress Backend. Go to Tools - Export and import the given file on the other Mac.


The Duplicator plugin is great for creating backups.

I use it for moving from local, to beta, to staging and finally production. It uses a simple wizard to set up a backup of your file system and database, then creates a deployment wizard to.

It's super easy, and free.


When I did this, I was using MAMP. I had to create a MAMP install on the other machine, and then install Wordpress. Then, I imported the data (except for the table wp_options) and copied the /wp_content folder to the new machine.

Same with uploading to the live server. You have to leave the wp_options table because that's the table where WP stores site information.

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