I am currently developing my own website, and I am hosting it locally using WAMP.

I thought that if I want to copy the website on some other PC I just have to copy the /wordpress folder to the /www folder of WAMP on the other computer, but seems like that's not working at all as I expected.

Can someone explain me what else do I need to copy in order for my website and hosting to be exactly the same as on the original computer?

  • I have to do the same thing here shortly since I updated from a Mac air to pro. I'll probably film a youtube video for all those who don't have extensive web development experience when I do. Everything that currently exists is either WAY above my experience level or not direction focused at all & fails to instruct or show how to do anything. I appreciate finding out that this isn't just an issue that I have dealt with Aug 10, 2019 at 23:34

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You have missed to copy the database associated with WordPress install.

Go to PHPmyAdmin(http://localhost/phpmyadmin), Select the database and click Export all the tables.

In your other PC, Go to PHPmyAdmin, Create new user and a database. Import the file that was downloaded while exporting.


You're failing to copy the database. Use the Duplicator plugin to create a copy of the entire site including the database. It will produce an archive zip file and an installer.php file (renaming it to installer.php is best). Copy them both to the local directory on the new PC. Use phpmyadmin to create a new database for the site on the new PCI and navigate to localhost/installer.php to start the setup

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