I want to take a full backup of a WordPress website regularly (manual or automatic), including files, database, etc. how to achieve this?

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To backup WordPress website (on your own host), you have 2 options.

Option 1

Use a plugin such as BackUpWordPress.

Option 2

Backup database and your contents individually.

  • To backup your database, you will have to sign in to your cPanel/DirectAdmin area and head over to database section of the panel. There, you can select your database and make a backup of it, saving it on a safe place for further use.
  • To backup your content, head over the the file manager section of your cPanel/DirectAdmin area, select and backup the wp-content folder. You can also download it and save it.

Remember, you will also need to have a backup of your wp-config.php file, existing in the WordPress's root folder. If you want it to be more safe, you can backup the entire WordPress's folder.

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