I have a Wordpress site with a lot of pages and blog posts. I want to create a new site but keep all blog posts, just blog posts and no pages.

How can I achieve this? When I backup the database from mysql, everthing will pass to the new site, but I just want to backup blog posts.

WordPress Backups


On your old site go to Tools > Export in the admin area.

You can select what you want to export. In your case "Posts." Click Download Export File

On the new site you'll go to:

Tools > Import > WordPress 

You'll have to hit a button to install the core plugin, but you can remove it after the import.

Import the file you downloaded from the old site.

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  • of-course your way is much better but i think he is a newbie and doesn't get this kind of way ;) – Mostafa Ghanbari Sep 3 '14 at 16:24
  • I think if he knows how to backup his database, then this is far more simple ;) – Christine Cooper Sep 3 '14 at 20:44

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