I want to get all users with their respective data. I already get all the users:

$users = array();

$users_query = new WP_User_Query( array( 
    'role' => 'subscriber', 
    'orderby' => 'user_registered',
    'number' => 8,
    'order' => 'DESC',
    'fields' => array('ID', 'display_name')
) );
$results = $users_query->get_results();

But I only get the data from user table:

object(stdClass)#3162 (10) {
      string(2) "44"
      string(13) "usuarioprueba"
      string(13) "usuarioprueba"
      string(0) ""
      string(19) "2016-10-13 16:27:56"
      string(1) "0"
      string(14) "Usuario Prueba"
    } ...

How do I get also the data from usermeta without having to use a loop like a foreach


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All the metadata should be there, you can access them with magic methods.

If you have a metadatum called with the key shoes, you can access it like this


This was under the return fields parameter on WP_User_Query

'all (default) or all_with_meta' - Returns an array of WP_User objects. Must pass an array to subset fields returned.

*'all_with_meta' currently returns the same fields as 'all' which does not include user fields stored in wp_usermeta. You must create a second query to get the user meta fields by ID or use the __get PHP magic method to get the values of these fields.

So, unless this is outdated, it sounds like it's not directly possible.

  • Looking at the code of wp-includes/class-wp-user-query.php, it appears that (at least according to the comments) all_with_meta should return all the users with their metadata.
    – Pat J
    Oct 13, 2016 at 19:20

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