I have created a buddypress extended profile field "description" and would like to save the data entered to the "descripion" profile field of the user (DEfault wordpress Biography description field) when user fills / edit the buddypress field.

Any clue .. how to achieve this?

Actually I'll be retriving in template as get_the_author_meta('description',$author_id) ;

So i want that the xprofile field save to this meta field as well

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Use this action hook found in buddypress/bp-xprofile/classes/class-bp-xprofile-profiledata.php

do_action_ref_array( 'xprofile_data_after_save', array( $this ) );

You'll need to use the actual field_id for your xprofile description. This example assumes it is 25. You can get the field_idby going to wp-admin > Users > Profile Fields and clicking 'Edit' on that field. The field_id will appear in the browser url.

function echoashu_save_description( $obj ) {

    if ( $obj->field_id == 25 ) {
        update_user_meta( $obj->user_id, 'description', $obj->value );
add_action( 'xprofile_data_after_save', 'echoashu_save_description' );
  • that's what i was looking for I'll test that out :) , just one thing $obj->user_id ( is it logged in user's id or retrived from the the user who's profile is being eidted
    – echoashu
    Mar 31, 2016 at 8:53
  • 1
    It's the ID of the user who's profile is being edited.
    – shanebp
    Mar 31, 2016 at 13:36

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