I’m making a site with BuddyPress xprofile fields which can have up to 40000 options. I already loaded the options into the db via csv file. Now the site loads very slowly and is basically unusable. Without the many field options, it loads fast. Once loaded, everything works fine, including the profile search. How can I prevent Buddypress from loading all options for a field by default?

I’m using select2 multiselect fields, which can load small chunks of data via AJAX/PHP. That works fine. But the slowing down occurs before initializing the select2 fields. BuddyPress is probably loading all available options by default.

WP, BP are at the newest versions. The problem persists with the twentynineteen theme (so it's not a theme problem). Currently, I'm using the free evolve theme.

I’m grateful for any hint!

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