I have been trying to find a way to add a class or an id to my custom administration sub menu. I only see a class on the first menu item. I would either like to add a css class or an ID on my sub menu list items.

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So I found a solution to my problem. I just added a span tag in the add_submenu_page() hook and it work:

     # The slug for the parent menu page to which this sub menu belongs
     # The text that't rendered in the browser title bar 
     'Breaking News Email', 
     # The text to be rendered in the menu
     '<span class="breaking-news-toggle">Breaking News Email</span>',
     # the capability required to access this menu item
     # The slug by which this sub menu is identified
     # the function used to display the options for this menu's page
     array(&$this, 'email_service_form') 

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