I am having issue with admin menu in multisite environment. I have a menu called YRC Settings which has two sub-menus, YRC Global Settings (first on the list) and YRC Homepage Settings (second in the list).

I want to hide the second item keeping the first one visible, so that when admin/user hovers on the parent menu i.e. YRC Settings, the first one (YRC Global Settings) flies out and the second item should not at all appear.

I used remove_submenu_page( 'yrc_settings_page', 'yrc_home_settings_page' );, but this hides both the sub menus, meaning when I hover over YRC Settings parent menu I don't see any sub menu flying out!

But when I use the same approach in single installation mode, this works. What should I do? According to the requirement I must make the first item visible.

remove_submenu_page( 'yrc_settings_page', 'yrc_home_settings_page'); is used to hide the sub-menu which has the following URL: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=yrc_home_settings_page

  • Menu with both sub-menus visible

enter image description here

  • What I see when using remove_submenu_page(...)

enter image description here

  • What I require:

enter image description here

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Ok, I was doing a mistake and glad that I found it! I was using admin_menu hook when it should be admin_init.

So the only change I had to make was: add_action('admin_init', 'restrict_admin_access_by_role', 999);


Hope this would help somebody like me as well!

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