I just put up a WP 4.31 site. Most of the content was copied from a different WP site via FTP. All the stuff in wp-content: uploads, plugins,themes, etc.

It all seemed to work as usual, and I've done this before with no issue, but now I get this error when trying to upload new content via Media Library:

Unable to create directory uploads/2015/09. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

The same exact message occurs when trying to upload plugins, right down to the path...

There already IS a directory uploads/2015/09, and it's 755 and seems to be owned by the root user like all other folders.

I am pretty sure it's a DB issue. I believe it is due to the wp_upload_dir field in the wp-options table. Is this new? Because it was set to the path from the old server. I tried setting it to what I thought was the path: /wp-content but apparently WP was trying to create a whole new tree from that point.

What's the correct setting to use? I deleted the new install completely and had the hosting CP install a new one. I checked the default setting for wp_upload_dir and it was blank.

So I am attempting a new install with that.

  • Uploads directory permission in case of shared hosting differ. Please try 750 as instructed on Codex. If that does not work, then I suggest it will be better if you get in touch with hosting support team which can assist you faster. Sep 21, 2015 at 4:51

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Go to wp-admin/options.php. There find uploard URL path. Correct it for new username of new server like home/ankit12/wp to home/texh12/wp.

This will surely fix this.

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