I am trying to get archive page working for "url/posttype/taxonomy/term" but am not able to make it work for all taxonomies.

I have went through a few posts regarding how to set it up but only reason I am not trying those is that there are couple of the taxonomies for which this structure (archive page) is working - even "posttype/tax1/term1/tax2/term2" type structure is working for those!!! If archive page was not working for any "posttype/taxonomy/term" I would have tried coding but since some are working I am confused why it is not working for others - shouldn't it be all or none!!? All taxonomy has with_front and hierarchical as true in rewrite array

Also no archive page are working for posttype/taxonomy ( i am not using this so not worried but just want to understand the possible reason)

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Have tried flushing your permalinks?

Trying going into your dashboard, then Settings -> Permalinks. And then just click save settings to flush your permalinks.

  • i have tried that... Commented May 8, 2015 at 11:11

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