G'day, I am a novice in Wordpress development, I have searched a lot but couldn't find the solution. I have developed a Wordpress site and I want to test it on localhost, I want to test the server performance, speed, system operations like bandwidth issues, server load and busyness etc. Can anyone help please? In other words I want to test my site and generate the results that how will my WP site perform if 100s of users access my website. Any kind of help will be appreciated.


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Why do you want to test it on localhost if this doesnt reflect your real server envirement?

You can do these kind of test (but not on localhost) with a website called https://www.blitz.io/

It shows you exactly the response times for your server, how many users it can handle till producing errors, etc.

But you need to do this with a real server, not on localhost. If you test it on localhost the result won't say anything about the real performance on a real webserver.

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