OK so i am drawing a blank. I have setup a WordPress 3.1.2 Network site and want the main site to appear with www.mydomain.com not mydomain.com and i can get that to work but the back-end on the network admin breaks when i go to add a site it gives me the error "Are you sure you want to do this".

When i disable the redirect of non-www to www it works fine. I have setup the wp_options table with site home and url of www.mydomain.com so i do not get this at all. I had it working in 3.0 but now 3.1 not working


Where are you trying to do the force redirect? I think the best place for this may be in a .htaccess file. Something like

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www.your_domain.com$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.your_domain.com/$1 [R=301]
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  • I have tried that and the network admin gets broken and if i redirect to www i need to tell wordpress that the main url is now www.mydomain.com or it will think that www is a sub-site – xLRDxREVENGEx May 3 '11 at 23:02
  • I'm assuming you've set your General Settings -> Site address and WordPress address to example.com? – Brooke. May 4 '11 at 18:07
  • i have tried it both way's with my settings at www.mydomain.com and the rewritecode in .htaccess and domains at mydomain.com and the rewritecode in .htaccess – xLRDxREVENGEx May 4 '11 at 19:18
  • humm... I just had to change BOTH the url settings in my general settings and it worked like a charm. Try removing (or renaming/backup) your .htaccess file. Change your general URL settings and then regenerate permalinks. – Brooke. May 6 '11 at 9:25

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