I'am wondering if i can do this:

I have a Custom post type with named Staff, there you can create/add your staff.

Then I have another Custom post type called Projects.

When I add a new project i want a list of every Staff, and then choose a staff member that was active in that project.

So how do i get the data from Custom post type Staff to Custom post type Projects?


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I would highly recommend the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. I use it pretty much on every project.

You can easily create the Post Object or Relationship connection. It's a great plugin with detailed documentation.

Posts 2 Posts is good as well, but last time I used it I needed to add code for connecting Custom Post Types. There wasn't straightforward interface to connect custom post types.

I hope that helps.


The easiest thing to do would be to use a plugin like Posts 2 Posts. This will allow you to connect your 2 CPTs together.

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