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I Graduated with my Masters from King's College London in 2014.

My Skills:

I would say I'm naturally geared more towards back-end design and implementation. My studies taught me some serious database, security and architectural concepts. Though, for the last few years I have focused more on the front-end, this was required of me being a solo web-developer.

When I started my first company, we developed Rails applications. These topics helped massively whilst undergoing the learning curve associated with changing to a completely new type of programming paradigm.

After my partner (the lead front-end developer) left the business, I found my productivity plumeted using Rails. My abilities with Server implementation meant I could make fully custom Wordpress installs. I underwent another learning curve whilst figuring out how to best leverage the theme/plugin based framework and the associated PHP coding. I can now build some very powerful Wordpress applications.

I learned front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Zend, I have always liked Javascript and believe that it is a Programming Language of the future. I loved using CoffeeScript to write really complex object-driven parts of Rails Applications. Especially when I introduced AJAX into the mix. I would love to get involved with some Angular, Node or Backbobe JS projects.

As a Graduate of King's, my education was a lot more Mathematical than that of some of my peers. This has meant that I am able to learn new languages and frameworks with some level of pace. I am able to call on my knowledge of the implementation of programming languages and paradigms, graph and compiler theory, data-structures, algorithm/database optimisation methods and architectural design principles to accomplish this.

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