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How to auto set screen option defaults [duplicate]

I want to make a function in my theme, which sets some things in the screen options tab on by default if you select my theme. This remains same for all users in the admin area. I don't care about ...
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How to set default visible columns in posts list, for all users

Is there a way to set default visible columns in posts list, for all users?
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Get custom post type categories to show up in menus

I'm wondering how it's possible to add custom post type categories as an option to add as a navigation menu item. What I have: $portfolio_args = array( 'labels' => array( 'name' => ...
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Make item checked by default for all users in "Screen Options" pane

When you are in the dashboard, the options checked and unchecked in the "Screen Options" pane seem to me to be completely random and arbitrary and cause lots of confusion when something doesn't show ...
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How to hide, and not to remove the attributes metabox?

I need to hide, and not to remove the attributes meta box in the backend. The following code is removing the metabox: function hide_meta_box_attributes() { remove_meta_box('pageparentdiv', 'post', '...
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How to disable categories/most used in 'add new post'?

How to disable categories/most used in 'add new post'? I tried function: remove_meta_box(), but it doesn't work for me, i tried it in functions.php for my theme, it's mistake?
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How to set default metaboxes on user creation?

Just for repetition's sake, I want to do the following: I need to set custom fields and the excerpt metaboxes for WP default Posts post type when a new user is created. I know that by default WP doesn'...
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Publish, Save Draft and Preview buttons do not work after being moved with jQuery

I'm trying to change the layout of the post-new.php page and as part of this I would like the publish, save draft and preview buttons below the form rather than to the right. So in my plugin js file ...
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Automatically show 'taxonomy' meta box by default in Appearance > Menus?

Is there a way (with code) to automatically show the 'taxonomy' meta box in Appearance > Menus ? This way, the users don't have to click on the 'Screen Options' tab > 'Show on screen' > 'taxonomy' ...
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How do I enable "metaboxes" by default in menu editor?

I know Customizer exists. Some clients do not, or do not want to use it, and use the traditional menu editor. However, the traditional menu editor has "some" quirks. This is what the menu editor ...
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Sharing functions between plugins

I asked a question similar to this, but after reading a comment from another question which states the functions.php file should not be used for plugin related stuff, I thought I would ask a slightly ...
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