I am using the below code to display the list (radio buttons) of terms that are currently used by existing custom post type posts:

$args = array( 
  'taxonomy' => 'typ',
  'post_type' => 'instytucje',
$terms = get_terms('typ', $args);
$count = count($terms); $i=0;
if ($count > 0) {
    $cape_list = '';
    foreach ($terms as $term) { 
        $term_list .= '<input type="radio" name="typ" value="' . $term->slug . '"> ' . $term->name . '';
        if ($count != $i) $term_list .= '<br>'; else $term_list .= '<br>';
    echo '<form name="filterby" action="" method="GET">';
    echo $term_list;
    echo '<button OnClick="document.filterby.submit();">Szukaj</button>';

The list is used as a form to filter posts by terms.

My question is - how can I add a counter showing the number of posts next to each term on the list?

[radio button] [term name] [number of posts with the term]

This is the site I am working on:

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Replace the 11th line with the code below (untested):

$term_list .= '<input type="radio" name="typ" value="' . $term->slug . '"> ' . $term->name . ' Number of Posts:'. $term->count;

It appears that get_terms has a post count return value.

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