I am using FeedWordPress to syndicate articles from RSS feeds. The plugin does a beautiful job of bringing in the content, preserving original formatting, and assigning metadata to the right places. Images are displayed by linking to source images. What I want to do:

  • automatically import all images from syndicated posts, and add them to the media library.
    • import to media library should handle image processing to create thumbnails, etc.
  • automatically assign image #1 as the featured image, to be used in widgets.

The plugin doesn't seem to support these features. Can you suggest another plugin, or configurations that can help to support these features?

  • Hey ted, plugin recommendations are off-topic. Code suggestions are too broad if you don't tell us what you've done so far and where exactly you are stuck. Apart from that this seems like a copyright-sensitive request and we'd need more information on that as well. Please update your question accordingly. Thank you – leymannx Apr 1 at 6:06

Searching the plugin support forum, I have found this plugin Add Linked Images To Gallery. This plugin appears to handle the first half of my problem: auto-importing images to media library. No support for auto-feature-izing the first image.

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