I have a project which will effectively create multiple blogs that will be fed existing content (don't worry, this isn't copyrighted content from other blogs or anything like that). From a DB management and moderator point of view, and to limit hosting costs, I would like to avoid the built in multisite functionality which requires a separate DB for each blog.

I am wondering whether, with some intelligent duct-tape hacking, it is feasible to run multiple blogs in one WordPress blog that appears as many separate blogs. I think that Categories might be hijacked to make this work. Basically each separate "blog" is a separate category.

Is there anyone who has done this or has another, single DB multi blog approach (using WordPress)? Words of wisdom or caution about the kind of tweak I am suggesting?

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I think you misunderstood, Wordpress multisite works with only one database for all sites!

  • Really? Perhaps this was true for older WordPress versions?
    – jlarson
    Commented Jan 30, 2011 at 1:55

You can use 1 database for for multiple blogs. WordPress Multisite does this for you by appending and additional prefix to the tables.

For example in an MS database with wp_ set as the prefix in wp-config.php the additional tables will have wp_1_, wp_2_, and so on.

Without using Multisite you can do this yourself by changing the prefix for each blog in the respective wp-config.php file.

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