I have the following code in my functions.php

$code = 'EUR';
global $wpdb;
$query = 'SELECT * FROM ';
$query .= $wpdb->get_blog_prefix() . 'fxbase ';
$query .= 'WHERE code= '.$code;
$data = $wpdb->get_row( $wpdb->prepare( $query ), ARRAY_A );

The problem is the above query does not give any result. Just to test the following query in mysql is working fine:

SELECT * FROM `1621_fxbase` WHERE `code` = 'EUR'

Not really able to figure out what is the issue here.

  • you're not using prepare correctly, see the examples here and here – Milo Nov 20 '12 at 19:09
  • @Milo I am using the same code in my plugin file where it works as expected. Is there any difference as to how wordpress works with my_plugin.php and functions.php – Deepak Kundu Nov 20 '12 at 19:14

Your specific issue in that code is that you're missing the quote marks around the $code.

$query .= 'WHERE code= '.$code;

Should be:

$query .= 'WHERE code= "'.$code.'"';

In the long run, you should indeed use prepare() properly, but this is the specific problem with the code you posted.

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    BTW, note that if $code isn't hardcoded like you have there, and is subject to user modification, then your code has an SQL Injection Exploit in it. – Otto Nov 20 '12 at 20:05

prepare() the right way

Things that don't need prepare: Default objects from $wpdb (make a dump to see what it got)

  • Everything that's built into core: Table names, "Field", Row & Column names

Everything else must get prepared. And this isn't only user input, but also everything else like custom table, "field", row & column names.

Rule of thumb: Prepare as late as possible and let come nothing between the preparation and the query (if possible).

You can only prepare two things:

  • %s = strings
  • %d = digits


Try it like this:

// functions.php
function wpse73348_custom_table_query_test( $dump = false )
    global $wpdb;
    $result = $wpdb->query( $wpdb->prepare(
            SELECT * FROM %s
            WHERE `code` = %s
        ,$wpdb->get_blog_prefix().'fxbase '
    ), ARRAY_A );
    0 >= $wpdb->num_rows AND $result = 'No result from query';

    if ( ! $dump )
        return $result;

    // Debug result
    echo '<pre>'.var_export( $result, true )
         "\n Addt. Info: \n".var_export( $wpdb->last_result, true ).var_export( $wpdb->last_query, true ).var_export( $wpdb->col_info, true ).'</pre>';

// In some template.php
wpse73348_custom_table_query_test( true );
  • The above code still does not show any result. var_dump on $result gives NULL bool(true). If however, I search in the column 'id' (primary), I do get a result, which I was getting from the original code as well that I was using. The column 'code' in mysql is of datatype varchar if that could be causing any error. – Deepak Kundu Nov 20 '12 at 19:39
  • @kaiser: You should not have the backticks around the %s, nor should you need run the table name through prepare (it won't work if you do). I'll edit your post to correct. – Otto Nov 20 '12 at 19:42
  • @Otto Yeah, you're right. I copy/pasted most of his code - my wrong. Just edited to ... damn. – kaiser Nov 20 '12 at 19:45
  • @Otto We were editing in parallel. There's much more crap in there. echo '<pre>'.var_dump(... won't work either. – kaiser Nov 20 '12 at 19:45
  • I'm done, feel free to fix it. – Otto Nov 20 '12 at 19:46

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