Is header.php file where is code: if(is_single()){ global $my_global_var; $my_global_var == true; }

Is functions.php file where is code: global $my_global_var; if($my_global_var == true) { echo "OK"; }

But this is not working, what im doing wrong?

In sidebar all is fine.

Fixed 0.2: Must be:

    function simple_img_tag_search($content){
        $MYCODE = "<div>My code</div>";
        $paragraphs = explode( '</h2>', $content, 2 );
        $first_paragraph = $paragraphs[0];
        return str_replace($first_paragraph.'</h2>',$first_paragraph.'</h2>'.$MYCODE,$content);
  • It's not working because functions.php is loaded before header.php. By the time your header file sets it's variable, functions.php has already been executed. You need to post your code -- including what you're trying to accomplish -- to get any more help that that. :) Aug 7, 2012 at 15:29
  • @Vital You already got 7 questions here on the site. Please take your time, go back and edit your question with the WYSIWYG editor. Thanks.
    – kaiser
    Aug 7, 2012 at 15:30

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is_single() is a function returning a boolean value. You could simply use it for your conditional check rather than passing the global variable.

Other than that, your first line of code should be setting $my_global_var with a single equal sign, i.e.: $my_global_var = true;.

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