I am loading the Google Maps API on a lot of Wordpress sites and I have always added it with an enqueue. Lately, we have been getting the following warning on the console:

"Google Maps JavaScript API has been loaded directly without loading=async. This can result in suboptimal performance."

So we have been researching ways to get this script loaded in an asynchronous way. We've found on the following blog post the discussion about async/defer being added to Wp 6.3 enqueues:


I am adding the Google Maps API like this then:

    'https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=' . MAPS_API_KEY . '&callback=Function.prototype',
        'in_footer' => true,
        'strategy'  => 'async',

This seems to work as it does add the following to the script tag:

async="async" data-wp-strategy="async"

But the warning persists. Is it a false positive now that the script tag actually has the async attribute?

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    If you're using a server-side cache, have you cleared the cache?
    – Pat J
    Commented Feb 14 at 19:29
  • Yes, that doesn't seem to be the issue.
    – Sergi
    Commented Feb 19 at 19:05

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Add this to your URL when calling the google API: &loading=async

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