I am having a big issue and I tried everything best to solve this issue but unfortunelyy I cannot.

I need you guys to help me to solve this issue

I have enable the woo commerce in my client website, but I am facing problem in checkout page since the payment option are not working as per the need. I have created a custom theme and enabled woo commerce in there.

I am using a woo commerce PayPal plugin but, the PayPal button are not displaying in my site and also logo are not there. Did I messed up something or where do I did wrong ?

page I need help is https://www.ghdcollection.com/

Normally a PayPal button will be like this

enter image description here

but i am getting this

enter image description here

Also I am getting this error in my console,

enter image description here

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if someone needs answer, please see this thread below.


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