I want to create a folder within wordpress site at root and add a php page abc.php with simple code like <?php echo "Test php page." ?> But when I try to run this page like this http://mydomainname.com/Myfolder/abc.php it gives error "This site can’t be reached" Why it is not reading my php page. I did the same on my another domain and it is working fine. Please help.

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    Can't be reached? That shouldn't happen: if that's the correct path to a file the exists on disk then the server should run it without any interference from WordPress, assuming you have a reasonably default server configuration. Check your server access logs and errors logs.
    – Rup
    Mar 5 at 21:19
  • However, that's not the WordPress way. If you want to run specific PHP you should probably do it as a shortcode or on a page-specific template.
    – Rup
    Mar 5 at 21:20
  • Page exists at its correct location. I will learn about shortchode and page specific template. I will also check logs. Is there any server config that can restrict a page to run this way?
    – Danish
    Mar 5 at 21:23
  • is there any thing need to be done in .htaccess file?
    – Danish
    Mar 5 at 21:25
  • It is actually a payment gateway I have to create a page for user to enter amount and then redirect to 3rd party payment page.
    – Danish
    Mar 5 at 21:28

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