Would it be possible to create a wp user by signin up with Facebook connect? (And through Twitter app, and eventually other major social networks? Facebook is most important, then Twitter, the rest are not so important) - User fills form with one click, eventually is asked in the form to fill a custom display name (otherwise defaults to Facebook user name / Twitter user etc).

I'm a bit confused whether this is achievable or not. Certain plugins seem to allow user publication of comments without registering, but what I really want is to create a normal WP user (also because on my WP site I have a BB Press forum, plus Gravity form modules, so it's not just a blog, I have a complex CMS setup). Is there an existing plugin (even commercial, not free) that does exactly what I want?

Furthermore, I would like to make this happen on custom registration/login forms, I do not wish to use the default wp-register and wp-login pages at all.

I have tried Simple Facebook connect and Simple Twitter connect, but they do not work on custom login/registration pages and I haven't figured how to make them work there.

As for Gigya and JainRain I haven't understood if they actually create a user or just create a login. Can someone clarify?

many thanks

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There is a plugin 'Social Login for WordPress' which serves the functions you are looking for. This plugin not only allows users to log in but also creates users on your website and auto-fill various fields in registration form.

The plugin is FREE but there are white label and customized solutions available from LoginRadius.

  • mmm Social Login looks like it only grants authentication to users registered to external services, while I would also be able to create a user when they login with such services; the only plugin that seems to do this is Simple Facebook Connect which uses the user registration tool from Facebook; the others seem not to create a User in WP database - thanks for your answer anyway
    – unfulvio
    Commented Dec 28, 2011 at 5:37

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