There is a few Q/A about custom post URL rewrite but I haven't found any simple answer to what I'm trying to achieve.

My CTP is "event" and I have the current page structure that I want to preserve:

  • siteurl.com/agenda
  • siteurl.com/event/event-slug

Right now in my theme I use two files single-event.php and page-agenda.php. The latter is the archive page, because I want my archive post slug to be siteurl.com/agenda and not siteurl.com/event so I've created an additional page on my backend.

It's working like that but I'd like to know if there is a more elegant solution to only rewrite my CPT archive page URL while using the proper archive-event.php template?

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You can have a separate slug for the post type archive by setting the slug as the value for the has_archive argument, instead of just true:

        'has_archive' => 'agenda',
        // etc.

Now you can use single-event.php and archive-event.php for the single and archive views, but the URL for the archive will be siteurl.com/agenda.

  • Perfect, it's that simple! Thank you Jacob Commented Apr 16, 2020 at 14:24

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