I am trying to remove parent category from the child category but nothing happens. I have a website made with the use of EDD. currently i have categories like below:

  • angular-templates
  • react-templates
  • bootstrap-templates

In each categories, there are sub-categories/child-categories as below:


  • angular-1
  • angular-2
  • angular-3

now if i go to my sub-category, url displays as below:


And i want to remove angular-templates or whatever is the category name in url to remove and display url as below:


Is it possible with add_rewrite_rule()?

I have achieved what i want with str_replace, but that will affect site's SEO, so that's not possible.

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Please check if any of the solutions work for you. There are a few ways we can try to achieve this.

Through WP Permalinks Go to Settings >> Permalinks and select Custom and enter: /%category%/%postname%/ Next set your Category Base to .

Through Yoast Plugin Go to Yoast SEO Select advanced Click on the tab permalinks at the top Check Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL

Use Remove Category Url Plugin

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