I use a theme that calls get_the_content() to display short excerpts of the latest blog posts on the home page. Now I noticed that the excerpt sometimes starts with an image caption, if the blog post contains a picture at the very beginning. I usually to that and make the text float around it.

I always set the the first three caption fields on an image (Alt Text, Title, Caption).

Is there any way to strip these image captions from the return value of get_the_content() or is there any other method that I could possibly call instead? I checked the documentation, but there seems no argument to exclude images from the return value.

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    it might be easier to add some CSS to hide img and/or caption tags in the targeted area. – majick Jan 17 at 22:01
  • strip_tags() and strip_shortcodes() are applied to the excerpt already, but the image caption is plain text. There is no CSS identifier either. Is there no alternative to get_the_content()? – user1438038 Jan 18 at 13:23
  • "a theme that calls get_the_content() to display short excerpts of the latest blog posts" - please post the corresponding code – Michael Jan 19 at 4:39
  • @Michael: Sure, just for you: $output = get_the_content(); – user1438038 Jan 19 at 12:25

It turned out that the method called strip_tags(preg_replace(" (\[.*?\])", '', $output)) before strip_shortcodes($output), which caused aforementioned issue, since the code removed shortcode in square brackets, but retained contained image captions.

I could fix it by swapping the two method calls like this:

$output = get_the_content();
$output = strip_shortcodes($output); // Strip WordPress shortcodes first!
$output = strip_tags(preg_replace(" (\[.*?\])", '', $output));
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