I want to find a way for excerpt function to display exactly what i want inside a single post. the excerpt itself has starting and ending point as parameters to go and fetch the data. but what if i want to use words instead of them.


$theExcerpt = get_the_content();
echo substr($theExcerpt,0,200);

I want this:

$theExcerpt = get_the_content();
echo substr($theExcerpt,'begining of paragraph', 'end of paragraph');

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I think this is more a PHP than a WP question. Try using a regular expression with preg_match:

$theExcerpt = get_the_content();
$returnValue = preg_match('/(string01)(.*)(string02)/', $theExcerpt); 
echo $returnValue[0];

You have to replace string01 and string02 with your 'begining of paragraph' and 'end of paragraph'. There might be a more elegant way of using preg_match, but I think this will do the trick.

Don't forget to escape the output

  • Thanks bro, this really helped
    – Ashur
    Jan 11, 2020 at 11:09

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