I have a Posts page (https://www.obsidianurbexphotography.com/locations/) which has a tab/button for each Category. I would like my Category pages to open this tab instead of loading the default Category page. Is there a way to do this so that the Category title and meta description (via Yoast) which I will set will show in Google, but the tab of the Posts page load instead of just the Category page?

I have Categories in two hierarchies; single level ones, and ones which are a sub-category below the main Category of "Country".


https://www.obsidianurbexphotography.com/category/education/ this should load https://www.obsidianurbexphotography.com/locations/?tx_category=education

https://www.obsidianurbexphotography.com/category/country/japan/ this should load https://www.obsidianurbexphotography.com/locations/?tx_category=japan

Would a simple 301 or 302 redirect cause the Google entry title/meta/url to show the redirected page info and pass rank to the Posts/Locations page? I have tried to read around the subject and not sure.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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For now I have done this via category.php

/* Redirect Category to Post Grid tab */ <?php $cat = get_queried_object(); wp_redirect( site_url('/locations/').'?tx_category='.$cat->slug ); exit();

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