I'm trying to set my site so that when I upload an image to a post, by default it links to the attachment.

I tried: in [siteurl]/wp-admin/options.php , setting image_default_link_type to attachment as mentioned on this tutorial. I verified that the setting was saved because I set this weeks ago and when I came back to options.php, it was still set to attachment. Later I tried setting the value to post as mentioned in this answer.

image default link type set to attachment

Neither of them seemed to change the behavior. When I drag a new image onto a post, it defaults to link to value of none.

post editor - default value of link to is none

  • WordPress 5.2.1
  • PHP 7.2.19
  • Maybe relevant plugins:
    • Jetpack 7.4.1
    • W3 Total Cache

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