I want to display the top 10 child taxonomies, no parent.

This code gets 1 top parent taxonomy, then only displays it's 10 children. I would like to grab top 10 child taxonomies of all parents of taxonomy.

By top, I mean most populated of course.


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maybe you have to use this

    array( 'parent' => $cat->cat_ID )

Then, in a loop, display this array because you can't do it with an echo

foreach ($categories as $c) {
    // what you really want instead of var_dump is something to
    // to create markup-- list items maybe, For example...
    echo '<li>'.$c->cat_name.'</li>';
  • I am a bit confused, as to what loop to place the second part in. I am just wanting to display the top 10 child taxonomy links.
    – Joe Landry
    Commented May 17, 2019 at 17:55

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