I would like to create a post and insert a url as an image, right now I have this, it works but creates a gallery block, instead I would just like to create a simple image block . What is the correct syntax to post just an image in "post_content" ?

 wp post create --post_title="test" --post_content="[gallery ids='$(wp media import https://ring.cdandlp.com/113719298.jpg --porcelain)']"

Thanks !

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There is just [gallery] to display images BUT you can specify in which size the image(s) will be displayed. By default it's size='thumbnail'. Simply set it to size='full' to just get one full-sized image:

$ wp post create --post_title="Foobar" --post_content="[gallery ids='$(wp media import https://dummyimage.com/600x400/000/fff.jpg --porcelain)' size='full']"

More gallery shortcode options can be found on wordpress.com: https://en.support.wordpress.com/gallery/#gallery-shortcode


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