This is pretty abstract and isn't truly WordPress related, except that I'm storing this data in a WordPress installation, so I am limited to PHP/MySQL-esque parameters.

Here's what I want to do. I've got a list of Post ID's that I need to store in specific arrangements, different from their nested order as presented by WordPress. For example:

  • ID 101
    • ID 106
      • ID 115
      • ID 116
    • ID 107
      • ID 117
    • ID 108
      • ID 118
      • ID 119
      • ID 120
    • ID 109
  • ID 102
    • ID 110
      • ID 121
      • ID 122
    • ID 111
      • ID 123
    • ID 112
  • ID 103
    • ID 113
    • ID 114
  • ID 104
  • ID 105

The idea here is that this is a deep and complex list that could go on recursively forever if needed.

Now I could create a set of nested arrays to house this structure in PHP, but that feels a little sloppy on my end. My question is this: Is there a simpler/cleaner way to store this complex list of nested ID's -- A JSON list, XML list or some other form of data that could be programmatically manipulated as needed?


Instead of going for a complex nested array, I decided that it might be best to keep it to simple two level set of arrays.

    $x = array(
            101 => [ (int $parent_id), (bool $completed)  ], 
            102 => [ (int $parent_id), (bool $completed)  ], 
            103 => [ (int $parent_id), (bool $completed)  ], 
            104 => [ (int $parent_id), (bool $completed)  ], 

I realized that I was looking for something simpler like what python offers with its "list" data type. I feel like this is about as simple as I could get with storing an unorder list in PHP/MySQL. Anyone got anything better?

  • the $completed variable was another reason to go with this design choice, which I didn't mention in the original question. – Brent Apr 25 '19 at 20:13

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