me and my friend working on a Wordpress site but we see it differently on our machines,

He sees a weird attribute wfd-id="" on every html tag in google console when he inspect it, also I loaded JQuery in my page successfully but he cant see it

The DOM load differently on our machines, whats the problem

We reloaded, refreshed, cleared cache and every possible method we could think of

We cant even detect the source of the problem

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    Is it definitely something on the site, and not e.g. a Chrome plugin modifying the page? Or his editor if he sees this after working on a page? Can he reproduce it on a different browser, or logging in as himself on your computer? Can you check the raw HTML responses in his browser to see if the tags are there? – Rup Apr 2 at 12:02
  • thanks we are testing in incognito mode right now without any plugin to see the result – Cameron A Apr 2 at 12:07
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    Even in incognito mode, chrome extensions can still be active. Can you make sure they're all deactivated, try a different browser, or download the page using curl or wget? As for jQuery, does inspection of the source show the page trying to load it anywhere? If so, are there console error messages about it? – Loren Rosen Apr 2 at 20:34

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