I am trying to overwrite a media post using the WordPress CLI.

The wp post create --post_type=attachment command can create an empty media item, but cannot attach an image file through WP-CLI. This is only possible through the GUI or other WP PHP Functions. The CLI command creates a "corrupt" media post. Is it better to avoid using this method?

On the other hand, the wp media import $filename command does not include (according the Documentation) fields like --post_name,--post_date and other post fields. This method then requires running wp post update $id_media for setting these fields once the post is created.

Hence, it is not possible for wp media import $filename to overwrite a Media post that matches on --post_name. If you try this, WP actually just creates a duplicate media object, with a new regenerated --post_name. This means the wp post exist and wp post delete process must be done manually as a part of this process.

Is my thinking correct?

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