I'm building a plugin that loads iframes to display some content. I have specific scripts & styles for that content and would thus like to ignore the active theme when loading those templates; both to save loading time & to avoid CSS conflicts.

I know it is possible to dequeue all scripts & styles using the wp_enqueue_scripts and wp_enqueue_scripts hooks.

Thing is, as my plugin do also queue some scripts and styles, it would be cleaner to find a way to disable the current theme uphill rather than to quibble to unload some files and not others.

SO: is it possible to ignore / unload the current theme on certain pages / templates ?


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here is no specialized hook for this. However the hook switch_theme should work for you.

 * Switches current theme to new template and stylesheet names.
 * @since unknown
 * @uses do_action() Calls 'switch_theme' action on updated theme display name.
 * @param string $template Template name
 * @param string $stylesheet Stylesheet name.
function switch_theme($template, $stylesheet) {
    update_option('template', $template);
    update_option('stylesheet', $stylesheet);
    $theme = get_current_theme();
    do_action('switch_theme', $theme);

So you should write custom function that deactivate the theme via hook and activate back, if your done with your task.

add_action('switch_theme', function($theme){
    if ( 'Your_Theme_Name' == $theme )
        // do something.

    // do others.


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