I have an existing HTML website on domain name Tarkarlinext.com. In cpanel file manager, I have html files in public_html folder and site continues to run.

One day, I installed WordPress script through softaculous app installer in a folder in public_html. I named that folder WP. so my new website's url became Tarkarlinext.com/wp. I did my work through tarkarlinext.com/wp/admin and decided to move my new WordPress website to main domain for testing purpose. Intention was to move my WordPress site from Tarkarlinext.com/wp to Tarkarlinext.com.

For that, I moved files inside WP folder to Public_html folder (one level up).

I made two mistakes. 1. I did not backup in wordpress app. 2. Instead of copying files I moved them.

Expected result was not achieved and I tried putting files back in WP folder. But WordPress site did not run and gave me error message error establishing connection to database.

Please help me with this.

  • Hey, Just copy pasting the content will not work. wordpress information are linked to database..so you have to make changes to database as well ( update the url etc)...best solution will be install a fresh wordpress copy in the main domain and use plugin like All-in-One WP Migration for migration ..yes you have messed up :) Dec 9 '18 at 16:03

Wordpress Migration will not work just my moving the WordPress files.

More info in this link

If you have removed the database then it's not possible to bring back tarkarlinext.com/wp/

  • Create a folder named wp inside public_html folder
  • Move every thing inside public_html folder to wp folder

This should make tarkarlinext.com/wp/ to work

For migration you may go for plugin like All-in-One.

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