I want to list all the last deepest / bottom most childs of a specified parent category in a page. the structure is

  • Parent A

    • child 1

      • grand child 1
    • child 2

      • grand child 2

        • great grand child 1
    • child 3

      • grand child 3

... I need to list all the last childs of specified parent, say for above example i need list for ParentA and the results should be like this

  • grand child 1
  • great grand child 1
  • grand child 3

is there any code to display in a page. I'm new to wp and PHP. Thanks in advance

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You can use wp_list_categories to achieve that:

        wp_list_categories( array(
            'child_of' => <PARENT_ID>, // show only children of PARENT_ID
            'childless' => true, // show only categories without children
            'hide_empty' => true, // should empty categories be hidden
        ) );

You can find full list of available params here: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/classes/wp_term_query/__construct/#parameters

  • thanks for reply. but using this childless=> true it shows no category. for childless => false it shows all childs and grand childs . I use shortcode of 'php snnipets' plugin to insert php in my post. will that be problem or where i have to insert the above code in wp site. Dec 8, 2018 at 14:38

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