I did add a custom block as an InnerBlocks block, called slider. Then i got another custom block slider-item. I think you get the idea.

The slider block just allows slider-item as it's child blocks. Like so:

   allowedBlocks={ [ 'ajk/slider-item' ] }
       [ 'ajk/slider-item' ],
       [ 'ajk/slider-item' ],

Now I want to achieve that an editor isn't able to use the slider-item outside of my slider container block.

Or is there some kind of repeater block possibility i do miss?!

WP 4.9.8

Gutenberg 4.2.0


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In the slider-item you can specify parent must be slider. That way, the slider-item cannot be used outside of your slider container block.

Something like:

registerBlockType('ajk/slider-item', ...
  parent: ['ajk/slider'],



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